Shea Holman

Photo of Shea Holman

Shea Holman serves as the Executive Director of the Purple Campaign, a nonprofit organization based in Washington DC with a mission to address workplace harassment by implementing stronger corporate policies, establishing better laws and empowering people to create lasting change within their own workplaces and communities. In her role, Shea oversees various advocacy efforts to make workplace harassment a priority on the legislative agenda, in the corporate sector and in the courts. Shea is also the Policy Director at the Purple Method, a company started by the Purple Campaign team that provides employers with the knowledge, tools, resources, and strategies to create and maintain harassment-free & empowering workplaces. In this role, Shea works on the development and deployment of custom anti-harassment trainings.

Shea received her law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School where she earned Concentration Honors in Labor and Employment Law and was the President of the Women’s Law Student Association. She previously served as the Purple Campaign’s Director of Law & Policy, advocating for stronger corporate policies and better laws regarding workplace sexual harassment. Her prior work experience also includes the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Minnesota Conflict Resolution Center. She has experience representing employees in both the private and government sectors and has worked as a Training Consultant for HR Consulting firm Bright Compass.